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Phuket Watersports

August 3, 2017 by ALV

Positioned near the Kathu waterfalls, Phuket Cable Ski is a fun-filled attraction offering exciting water skiing activities on the surface of a specially designed, 410-metre long, two-metre deep and 110-metre wide fresh water lake. Wakeboards, gloves, vests, water skis, helmets, and lifesaving gear can be rented while basic lessons are provided by staff members, free of charge.

This unique aquatic sporting facility offers fun for just about everyone.
Phuket Cable Ski consists out of the man-made oval shaped lake with a cable suspended over the top, a well-stocked dock with all the essential wakeboarding gear you might need, a jogging track, a quality restaurant with patio seating and an adjacent located massage service.

The view from the lake’s surface is truly stunning as the facility is positioned in a basin underneath the forested hills surrounding Kathu and when you are riding on the lake’s other side, an amazing backdrop of jungle will be offered to you.

After 12 years designing and developing one of the World’s most highly awarded Ecotourism companies, John “Caveman” Gray goes his own way by forming “John Gray’s SeaCanoe” with 18 of his most loyal and experienced guides.
Gray, known as Ling Yai (Big Monkey) to his friends – takes pride on being the Original kayak explorer and operator in each of his sites. (“If we are there, we are the first.”) The Big Monkey was doing OK before he formed his own company. (Caveman still owns the SeaCanoe trademark.) Gray’s economic demonstration project was a classic Ecotourism business model, and his local enfranchisement concept and stunning trips led to a string of six major Ecotourism Awards from 1995-99. “All I do is paddle into crazy places. If it’s interesting, I show it to my friends.”
Try Caveman’s “Wings of the White Belly Sea Eagle” seven-day South Thailand program. It only starts with the Phang Nga Mini-Expedition, already considered South-East Asia’s best adventure by many guidebooks and websites, then adds four days more … See a “Wings” highlight featured in a Discovery Channel documentary in Spring, 2002.
Hotel-dwellers mumble something about Phuket’s “Hongs By Starlight” being a “spiritual experience”. More orthodox day trips include “Hornbill Island” where you can actually cackle with these personable freaky flyers.

Kite Zone Phuket is now based in Chalong Bay at Friendship Beach for the entire year, the wind in phuket can be accessed in many different spots at different times of the year, rest assured they will find it if its there!
An amazing kite spot based on Friendship Beach in Chalong bay for Kitesurfing lessons, kiteboarding trips and downwinders. There is a huge equipment shop just finished and over 1 acre of grassy land that leads directly onto the beach with parking facilities and restaurant with bar. You will get top certified kiteboarding lessons in Phuket along with Kite Rentals, Kite sales and also equipment storage.

If you are staying in Phuket you are spoiled for choice snorkeling wise.
From the Similan Islands North West of Phuket, the Phi Phi islands to the East and Racha Yai Island to the South, there are so many beautiful places to submerge yourself.

Where you choose to snorkel will depend on many factors including how much time you have available, where your accommodation is on Phuket and what time of year you are here. Budget may also be a factor. You can familiarize yourself with the options available on the website below or just ask them or us if you want advice.

Surfing in Phuket is one of the most challenging sports on the Island for beginners as well as for professionals.
Phuket is Thailand’s leading surfing destination with the best surf spots being on the west coast of the Island. The number of local surfers has greatly increased thanks to decent surf conditions and the opening of several places to hire boards. Therefore Surfing in Phuket has caught on in popularity over the past few years.
The best surfing conditions occur after the monsoon winds have blown for a few days and then suddenly stop. The swell continues for several days after the wind has died, allowing for some decent breaks.

“Phuket’s wettest wildest waterpark” providing gallons of excitement for the whole family! Come and experience Phuket’s water park for a wet and wild day that can’t be matched.

The waterpark offers fun for the whole family, whether you are after a relaxing day in the water or an adrenalin rush, Splash Jungle has it all! The park has thrilling rides such as the Boomerango and Superbowl as well as a six-level wave pool and an aqua-play pool for the children. If the exhilarating slides are not for you then why not idly float around the 335 meters lazy river or treat yourself to some hydrotherapy in the hot springs pool.

One of the most popular tourist activities when visiting Phuket, Phangnga and Krabi is white water rafting in the Phang Nga river.

Whether you are white water rafting for the first time or an experienced rafter looking for lots of speed and adventure – there is a trip for you. Those new to rafting will have a guide and some basic training before their trip to ensure their safety and comfort whilst they enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Phang Nga river. Those wanting a little more than a leisurely cruise can enjoy the Phang Nga river at its best and wildest for a thrill seeking ride. The stafff can cater to all needs whether in a family, large group or just joining the ride by yourself.
Phang Nga is a small town located in Southern Thailand and is famous for its rivers, beautiful scenery and friendly people. Near to Phanga Nga lies a small village called Song Prack. Song Prack is a quaint, little village nestled in the mountains on the bank of the Phang Nga river. Visitors are always surprised by the breathtaking riverside scenery, magnificent mountains and lush tranquil forest.

Safety is a top priority – not all visitors are experienced using rubber rafts and white water conditions. Each staff member is well trained and experienced to ensure that each member not only enjoys their trip and ride but also can do so safely. Laughter, shouts and screams can be heard from visitors as they negotiate their way down the Phang Nga river. Making your way down the river dodging rocks, riding the rapids and splashing through the waves makes your trip to Thailand worthwhile and complete.

In Phuket there are ample opportunities to get into the water and surf all year round. The best time is generally between November and April when the North East monsoon brings fresh winds from the East and clear blue skies with long periods of good weather and stable conditions. Winds during this time are consistently between 10 and 15 knots. The more turbulent South West monsoon blows between May and October, bringing mainly western winds that can generate very large and possibly even dangerous waves, with conditions much less suitable for beginners. August and September tend to be the windiest months in Phuket and experienced windsurfers will be in for a thrill.
There are a few windsurfing courses and schools in Phuket where you can arrange lessons, as well as rent or buy the necessary equipment. Some of the large hotels also have boards to rent out but they always try to make sure that you are relatively skilled, and can be reluctant to let you hire them when the sea conditions are bad. There are also places on many of the popular beaches such as Patong Beach and Kata Beach where you can rent a board and sail. These days, even children can learn to windsurf using modern stable boards that are quite easy to learn on. The windsurf shops have all types of gear to suit most styles, conditions and experience.