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Phuket Activities

July 31, 2017 by ALV

Archery, the art or using a bow to shoot arrows at a target, is one or the oldest precision sports still practiced today. Its origins date back to prehistoric times when the bow and arrow were used to hunt. Today, competitive archery is enjoyed in many different forms.

Located in Phuket Shooting Range, Phuket Archery Range offers one of the most beautiful places archery. Distances 5 to 70 metres can be shot on the range.

If you’re looking for a new way to explore the natural wonderlands of Phuket and Phang Nga provinces, Phuket ATV offers a different and unique All Terrain Vehicle tour. Enjoy a fun and safe ride through real untamed rainforests, get in touch with local villages, farms, plantations, dark mangrove forests, discover a hidden waterfall and a unspoilt beach.

The objective of these tours is to introduce the unseen side of Phuket and Phang Nga provinces to all nature lovers and adventure seekers. All beginners from age 8 in Phuket and age 12 in Phang Nga are welcome to join the ATV tours. The ATV bikes are fully automatic, safe and easy to operate. There is no prior riding experience needed to join a one of a kind tour.
After safety briefings and operations orientations both beginners and experienced riders will be practicing on an easy track to get a feel for the ATV bikes. Once used to the bikes everyone will be ready to hit the tracks, supervised by professional staff and guides.

You can choose from 1,2 or 3 hours of ATV riding. Combine a ATV program with other activities, such as the challenging rope bridge with the flying fox, elephant trekking through the mighty jungle and endure the rapids with white water rafting.
An ATV tour is an ideal activity for anyone and any sunny or rainy day.

Visiting or living in Patong and want to try some of the best karting or recreation activities at the Gokart Speedway in Phuket, Thailand. Grand Prix go-kart, buggy racing, extreme sport, and leisure or team building corporate action and events on and offroad. Come and visit the kart and buggy park and experience the fun for yourself.

It was built to include an expanded stretched racing track of 750 meters with exciting challenges and flood lighting for evening races.

They have 35 karts ranging from 140cc to 400cc. High Speed Super Karts, Standard Single Karts, Two Seater Karts and Kid Karts, capable of speeds from 40 up to 110 km per hour, all are well-maintained by qualified staff. Safety is a concern at the track!

The Andy Combe Golf School is on the tropical  Island of Phuket, and is based at the Laguna Phuket Golf Course.
Phuket’s very first dedicated Golf School, that comes complete with Golf Driving Range, practice greens and bunkers. In fact all of the best facilities that you would expect from any top quality Golf School, and situated right in the middle of the luxury Laguna area of Phuket.
What better place to have a new Golf School than on the stunningly beautiful island of Phuket, with year round temperatures that average around 30c degrees, makeing it the perfect place to learn and play golf.
Former PGA Asian Tour Professional Andy Combe, and his team of professionals, can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, and even if you have never played before you can learn to play golf from scratch with our new Beginners Golf Lessons.
Add individual private golf lessons, group lessons, kids lessons, on-course coaching, driving range, chipping, bunker practice and the all important putting to that of our new Beginners Lessons, and you have found the perfect PGA Golf School at the new Andy Combe Phuket Golf School on this beautiful tropical island.

Have  you ever dreamed of  a romantic horse rides  on the beach with the one you love, family or friends?  Have you ever dreamed of  escaping your busy lifestyle to a relaxing holiday with your family or friends with horseback riding on white sandy  beaches?
Phuket International Horse Club offers  a variety of horses and ponies. There is a variety of horse riding activities suitable for nervous beginners through to advance riders. Prior to commencing your trails rides, they will match your riding ability with one of their well trained and friendly horses to make sure that you will have the perfect horse which suits your riding capability.

Paintball is the fastest growing extreme sport. Unlike other extreme sports like mountain climbing, motocross, stock car racing, sky diving, whitewater kayaking, paintball is the only extreme sport that gives you a high adrenaline rush without a risk of serious injury, due to an error in judgment. It also does not require extensive training and has no barriers for gender, strength, or age. It is a challenging and exciting sport that teaches many valuable skills. The sport encourages youths and adults, and men and women to play together on teams. It encourages social interaction between younger players and adults and promotes equality between men and women. For these reasons, paintball is the fastest growing extreme sport.

The Phuket Shooting Range, the first shooting range in Phuket and remains the best, safest and most spacious range Phuket can offer.

From indoor accuracy training to outdoor combat courses they offer you complete firearms experience.
The Phuket Shooting Range is fully equipped with a variety of firearms and bullet sizes to suit all your Hollywood desires. Whether it is pistols or revolvers, rifles or shotguns, you never be out of choice. The staff is fully equipped with safety and equipment knowledge, where you can rest assure that your in the safest and most professional hand, without being controlled on every single step.

This is a sport where one can physically measure progress towards that ultimate aim, a field in which perfection of equipment and yourself are essential to reach the top.

Phuket Sports & Tennis Club is set in the leafy green hills of Rawai, 1.2 km up from the main Viset road from Chalong to Rawai, on 4 rai of a former rubber plantation, take a look at our location map for details.
This is a venue in a convivial family atmosphere for those interested in the many recreational facilities on offer.
Currently membership is free, as are many of the activities.