Bali Watersports

Here you will find what you need to know about water sports in Bali
Snorkeling Adventures

Bali Watersports SnorkelingSnorkeling is one of the exciting marine activities to overview the beautiful underwater world. The beautiful coral, colorful fish and the unique life of underwater will be unforgettable experience on this great discovery. The tours will bring you to the right snorkeling point located in Tanjung Benoa Beach with fresh seawater and multifarious of tropical fish. The Snorkeling tour is well equipped by safety snorkeling gear involves life jacket, fin, snorkel, glass masker and snorkeling guide.

Water Ski

bali Watersports - bali_water_skiWater Ski is an exciting marine sport activity gliding on the ski board to explore blue seawater of Bali. This activity will bring you to the great experience by free run away on the seawater and pulled by the power boat.

This adventure will force your talent with great challenge to realize unforgettable memory. The high quality safety equipment, professional boat captain and experience guide instruction will ensure your adventures enjoyable one.

Jet Ski

Bali Watersports - bali_jet_skiJet Ski is one of the exciting marine sport activities by driving 700 cc motorize ski to explore the beautiful beach of Bali. This sport is well equipped by life jacket and accompanied by the professional Jet Ski Guide to ensure your safety and security adventures. Bali Jet Ski is centralized at the beautiful beach with white sand stretch 3 kilometers from Nusa Dua to the peninsula of Bali. These Activities will bring you the great experience during your vacation in the Paradise Island of Bali.


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